RN 5306



Onsite pyrotechnical safety ohmmeter

  • Less than 1 V at terminals in open circuit
  •  In case of internal fault, current is always limited to less than 5 mA when a single fault occurs, and less than 10 mA when two fault occur simultaneously.
  •  Before measurement, the maximum current is kept below 0.5 mA



IND 45

Safety ohmmeter / megohmmeter on pyrotechnical elements

  • Measuring current much lower than the current of non-fire
  • Connection to the test line only for the activated period of measurement
  • Discharge of residual electrical charges
  • No overshoot of maximum current even in case of instrument failure (electronics breakdown, internal short-circuit…)
  • Permanent self-checking of the instrument internal functions before connection to measurement channel

 MF 28

Electrical firing unit on pyrotechnical elements

  • Programmable current from 1 to 10 A
  •  Programmable timing
  •  Embedded line pyrotechnical ohmmeter
  • Isolated floating shot firing cable
  •  5 protection elements
  • Load breakdown detection
  • Manual or automated triggers
  • 3 synchronisation outputs (zero time, crenel current, current image)
  • Optional remote control of the cycle SAFE AUTHORIZATION OF FIRE