CP 6632


Handheld process signal calibrator

  • High accuracy: 0.015% reading with an adjustable resolution of 1 mV and 1 µA
  •   Values displayed in A, mV and %
  •  Low temperature coefficient: 15 ppm /°C in voltage and 20 ppm/°C in current
  •  Active or passive loop power supply
  •  Measurements with HOLD function
  • Backlight


SN 8310

Benchtop DC voltage and current source standard with high accuracy of 0.002%

  • DC voltage and current standard for calibrating or testing voltmeters or ammeters (bench or panel mounted),but also electronic systems, such as dividers, amplifiers, converters, oscillators and other components whether linear or not.
  • Sensor simulation such as µV, mV or mA sources to calibrate controllers, transmitters, recorders and other instruments used in process control.
  • Ultra-stable, programmable, high precision power supply.