Leak Detection


LSK 1000


Leakshooter camera

  • Embedded camera on reception cone
  •   Adjustable gain from 50 dB to 110 dB for use in any kind of surroundings
  •  Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with 5-6 hour operation time
  •  40 kHz internal ultrasound sensor, frequency adjustable from 34 kHz to 46 kHz for smallest leaks
  •  Sound bandwidth of 2.5 kHz with stereo headphones
  • User mode without camera (energy saving)
  • Continuous measurement of dB, RMS and MAX, displayed on colour bargraph
  • Dynamic real-time targeting showing the exact location of the ultrasonic source
  • JPEG pictures (1,000 to store),with USB connexion for upload on PC