Electrical motor control

Electrical motor control (2)

Starters for cage motors



Electronic starter for low and medium power cage motors

  • A user-friendly display and keyboard interface for quick programming of every application by selecting the appropriate macro-programming
  •  A RS 232 serial link to connect it to a PC or a network
  •  control all aspects of starting, stopping and protection of 3 phase squirrel cagemotors up to 1200 kW at 690 V.
  • The NS3 also features as standard a RS232 serial link to communicate with a PC or a network.




Electrolytic starters for low and medium power cage synchronous motors

  • Reliable: no moving parts, no current peak during starting process
  • Economical: reduced maintenance
  • Customizable to specific motor requirements

Electrolytic starters for slipring motor



Electrolytic starter (LRS) for slipring motors from 550 to 20,000 kW

  • Smooth progressive acceleration
  •  Wide range of applications
  •  Rugged and reliable
  • Customised for each application
  • Reduced maintenance




Vapormatic starters for low and medium power slipring motors up to 750 kW

  • Reliable: no moving parts, unaffected by demanding atmospheres
  • Economical: cable saving, reduced maintenance, competitive price
  • Customizable to specific motor requirements
  • No moving parts other than the short circuit contactor
  • Unaffected by damp, dusty or corrosive atmospheres